Yamanlar Group being one of the leading companies in the sector in Turkey, has completed projects by manifesting its expertise with over 1,000 customers without compromising on quality for 25 years. We continue our activities with 5 CNC machines as well as other machine equipment in a 2.000 m2 closed area. Yamanlar Group, which has proven its success in many fields requiring expertise from compact laminate to acrylic surfaces, massive seat applications to laminate coatings, produces uniquely designed accessories and best quality raw materials of its class. Our aim is to provide perfect service with our wide variety of machines, high-skilled labour and equipment, and delivering business with technical advancements focused on technological infrastructure. Yamanlar Group is an indispensable and impeccable solution partner in all the projects of employers and partners worldwide. Our company is manufactures state-of-the-art wood and metal processing using CNC machines. The priority of our company, which has a high daily production capacity, is always at the forefront of quality and customer satisfaction. The working principle of our company is always customer-oriented, the dedication required for this is demonstrated by our teams.

Our company uses Gentaş General Metal Industry Co. products and is also a dealer

You can reach our catalog by clicking the link below.

Net Laminat Product Catalogue (pdf)

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