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  • Compact Exterior Cladding

    The G-Ext® exterior cladding produced with the electron bombardment curing (EBC) system is resistant to external factors.Its specially produced surface preserves appearance despite harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, temperature differences

  • Compact Interior Cladding

    Its specially produced surface preserves its appearance despite harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, temperature differences and sunlight. Decorative panels produced with different colors and patterns are preferred especially in exterior des

  • Compact Laminant Coating

    Compact laminate coating systems are a preferred product for exterior and interrior spaces thanks to its resistance to deformations, decorative designs, rich color options, physical and mechanical properties and aesthetic appearance it brings in to archit

  • Compact Laminant Counter

    Compact counter, appeals to many general usage areas such as wet areas, window sills, decorative folds in office and home furnitures, facades and benches.

  • Compact Laminants

    Compact Laminants... Practical, durable and stylish solutions… WC Compact Cabin, Cabin Accessories, Compact Laminant Counter, Compact Laminant Coating, Compact Locker, Compact Table, Compact Laminate Table Top...

  • Compact Locker

    Since compact laminate panels are highly resistant to external factors such as water, humidity and damp they are mostly preferred as a material in areas with high usage capacities such as sports halls, hotels, pools, educational institutions and commercia

  • Compact Table

    Compact laminate due to its material is preferred in areas where there is a lot of human circulation since it shows a strong resistance against impacts such as shrinkage, water, chemicals, heat exchange and similar external factors. Flat, oval, square and

  • Profile Compact Bench

    It is a composite material produced with the HPL production technique, the thickness of which is determined by increasing the amount of kraft paper. Special aluminum profiles are used in corner turns.

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